Buying process


After confirming your interest in the property offered by us it is essential to reserve the selected property. This reservation is realised by paying reservation deposit either in cash or bank transfer. Amount of deposit varies, depends on the conditions set by the seller or developer.
When booking off-plan property you will get the Preliminary contract. After paying the reservation deposit the instalments and final payment after completion of the project will be followed. Payments are usually made by bank transfer directly to the developer's bank account. Payment terms vary from project. In case of buying the completed property the reservation deposit is paid, after the Contract is signed the rest of purchase price is due. Then you will be issued with Title deed. Purchase can be financed by a mortgage loan that we will arrange through our mortgage specialist. We offer the possibility of using a mortgage loan by several banks in Slovakia, with whom we work. EU citizens have more choices. Banks usually charge a fee for processing a mortgage amounting to 0.5% – 1%.


Documents to be submitted:

ID Card
A/ Income verification documents in case of labour relations

  • Verification-declaration for the amount of income on the form supplied by the bank,
  • Bank statements for the last three months,
  • Preliminary purchase-sale agreement / non residential premises (draft agreement is enough)

B/ Income verification documents in case of non-labour relations

  • Income-Tax statement for the last taxation period,
  • Tax declaration for last taxation period issued by competent tax office,
  • Bank statements for last three months,
  • Preliminary purchase-sale agreement / non residential premises (draft agreement is enough)

Property can be also purchased through the company. If the buyers set up a company in Slovakia, only because of the purchase of property and are not VAT payers in the past, can not claim a VAT refund. If the buyer has an established company which is a VAT payer he may request a refund. It is recommended to the buyers to use the services of professional financial advice in these matters. For foreign clients it is not necessary to open a bank account in Slovakia, if they have a mortgage. It is not necessary for buyers to travel to Slovakia for signing the Preliminary contract. The contract requires only a classic signature of both parties. For signing the purchase agreement and acceptance of apartment after completion, the buyers may travel to Slovakia, or may authorize with their full powers a representative (commonly the legal adviser).



  • Real estate transfer tax is not applicable in Slovakia.
  • Inheritance tax is not applicable in Slovakia.
  • Annual property tax depends on the type of property (flat, family house, apartment, villa) and its amount depends on the location where the property is situated and what are the specific tax rates approved by particular city, parish council.
  • Slovakia has a flat tax system 19% of value added tax, capital gains and income.
  • For foreigners is also 19%.


Buying property by a Foreigner

Since joining the European Union, virtually anyone can buy property in Slovakia. The real estate market is open and does not discriminate neither citizenship, nor place of residence. Also, it does not matter whether the potential
buyer wants an apartment in the city, house in the countryside or cottage in the mountain area.

The only exception is agricultural and forest land. According to the Law on protection and use of mineral wealth (Mining Act or so-called Water Act 184/ 2002 Coll), foreigners can not buy or receive such property as a gift. However,
from the 1st May 2007 foreigners can buy (or get as a present ) agricultural and forest land, provided that the potential buyer conducted business on the land for a minimum of three years and has temporary residence in Slovakia.

Also, according to the legislation, legal persons (companies) having registered seat in Slovakia, are also considered as Slovak residents and as such, can purchase agricultural or forest land without any restrictions. So, for foreigners there is another option of establishing a company in Slovakia just for the special purpose of buying such a property. Either way, if a foreigner wants, he/she can buy /directly or indirectly/any property in Slovakia.

The property market willbe fully liberalized in May 2011,w hen the transition period negotiated with EU ends. But even nowadays, Slovakia offers one of Europe´s best opportunities for investment with low prices and solid growth.