Why to invest in Slovakia

Why to invest in Slovakia


1. Macroeconomic stability

• excellent investment environment
• trouble free access to business enterprise
• expansion of satisfied established investors
• growing interest of potential investors


2. Strategic position

• Slovakia – a bridge connecting West and East Europe
• business market with more than 350 mil. people
• international transport oil and gas pipelines running through the country


3. Interconnection with world economics

• member of Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
• member of World Trade Organisation (WTO)
• up to 91% of export rate is headed to OECD countries
• number of EU from 2004
• number of Schengen Space from 1.1.2008


4. Low tax burden

• implementation of 19% flat rate tax from 1.1.2004
• compared with member states Slovakia has the lowest tax burden


5. Available competent manpower


6. Low labour costs


7. Industrial tradition (automobile, electric, machinery and wood-processing industry) and strategic sectors (information and telecommunication technologies, software development, pharmaceutical industry, production of microelectronics and